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Gay Massage Paris : Balinese


All you need to know !

Asia is a continent where the population is globally more in tune with its body. It is therefore not surprising that many therapies, treatments or wellness techniques draw on them.

As an example, the Balinese massage comes straight from Indonesia and whose influences come from India, China and Bali.

It is intended in particular for people subjected to constant stress, it also helps to calm certain muscular pains. In addition, according to massage therapists, it also helps revitalize the body as well as the mind. Besides, it is highly recommended to regain positive energy.

Gay Massage Paris : Balinese


The touch is the key

Urut Pijat is about finding the perfect balance between body and mind. To do this, the practitioner uses simple, gentle and invigorating gestures to revive viral points (3 elements: air, water and fire). The latter are characterized by the nervous system, the digestive system and the hormonal system.


By way of introduction, the masseur creates trust with the client. To do this, it employs:

  • Effleurage: a set of gentle movements that soothe the body. These are circular movements made with the palms of the hand, most often imitating a caress.

  • Kneading: this movement allows deep kneading of the muscles. Here, the intensity remains low as pleasure is the main goal.

In a second step, the masseur performs some stretches to awaken the senses of the massaged. The goal is to benefit from an optimal state of relaxation. The specialist focuses here on the most fleshy and tense areas such as the shoulders, lower limbs or even the arms. Acupressure and reflexology also have a role in this massage with global effects!

Gay Massage Paris : Balinese


One technique, many advantages

Balinese massage brings harmony and a perfect balance between body and mind. Let's be precise friends, its beneficial effects are numerous. Overview :

  • Softer and more supple skin: caresses and movements initiated by the practitioner improve the vigor of the epidermis.

  • A revitalized and full of energy body: massage promotes the circulation of body fluids which also helps to drain toxins from the body. In addition, it also promotes tissue oxygenation.

  • A Zen and peaceful state: Urut Pijat calms stress and anxiety. It gradually helps to regain calm.

  • Relief of muscle pain: low intensity stretching acts effectively on pain. They calm aches and fight knots.

  • Good humor: after the massage, you feel more confident and able to face the world. You are now the superhero of your life. Just that !

  • Improved sleep: kneading helps the body to relax, thereby promoting sleep and improving the quality of sleep.

Gay Massage Paris : Balinese


And the body gets relaxed

First phase: preparations

Before proceeding to the Balinese massage, it is important to respect certain rules such as:

  • A calm and soothing environment. The place of the massage must inspire comfort as well as well being. In addition, the temperature must be quite high (30 ° Celsius). It is essential to create a warm and tropical atmosphere.

  • If possible, it is better not to use too bright lights. To do this, the use of candles (scented or not) would be ideal to create a subdued atmosphere.

  • The choice of massage oil or lotion should not be made randomly. The practitioner chooses the product based on what you are looking for.

Second phase: the course of the Balinese massage

According to tradition, Balinese massage is practiced directly on the floor with a straw mat. However, you can also use a massage table which is much more comfortable, or even a bed mattress. Before lying down, the massé usually takes off all his clothes. In case of discomfort, there is always the possibility of placing a towel on the private parts, I reassure you!

The massage therapist must show his back and spread his legs slightly. This makes it easier for the practitioner to reach the areas to be massaged. The position can change depending on the technique used and according to the instructions of the massage therapist.

In most cases, the massage takes place on the upper part of the body. The practitioner obviously follows the cardinal lines of the body to promote relaxation. Then the specialist continues to the lower part of the body. The duration of a session can also vary depending on the goal (either 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes in total).

Note that you can request some additional movements such as a specific massage on a particular place like on the skull, a pure delight!

Gay Massage Paris : Balinese


Avoid in these cases :

Balinese massage is not dangerous. It carry no risk to health. However, some precautions should be taken to avoid the risks. In some situations, it is even not recommended:

  • For women who are more than three months pregnant: even slight pressure applied by the practitioner can have a harmful effect on the development of the fetus.


  • For children under the age of 6: children's bodies are still fragile, which is why certain massage techniques are not recommended.


  • For people with dermatological disorders. If you have skin problems like a gash, overly strong skin infections, recent scars, it is better not to perform this massage. This could make the situation worse.


  • For people who suffer from cardiovascular disorders: massage affects blood flow which can cause problems in this type of case.

Gay Massage Paris : Balinese


Did you know ?

Balinese massage is a cultural nugget that results from two different cultures: it has its origins first in Indians, with the Ayurvedic method, and second in Chinese with what is called energy medicine.


To understand Balinese massage, one must already understand the complicated history of Indonesia. The latter constitutes a crossroads for trade and migration. No wonder cultures mix easily.

Indeed, for millennia, the islands of Java and Bali have been enriched with many customs from elsewhere (animism, Hindo-Buddhism, sultanate). This mixture gives a unique result with unusual practices like L’Urut Pijat. The latter is a singular style massage, very similar to Ayurvedic massage. He therefore seeks both to erase physical and spiritual suffering.


Note that Indonesia has more than 17,500 islands, which means that this ancestral practice has more or less significant variations.


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