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Tantric Gay Massage Paris


All you need to know !

Do you want to discover the other more intimately? To change from your daily sexual routine? Do you want to consolidate your relationship or simply to taste unexplored pleasures? New sensations are available to you to reconnect to your sexuality and reach a new sensory dimension.

Tantric massage is one of these methods: it is a real erotic method to rediscover your body and the body of the other. In other words, it is an intimate action aimed at restoring physical communication (which could have been conflictual) in a couple or creating one, during a session, with your masseur.


The principle remains simple, one “massages” one's partner without saying a word. Speech and discussion are strictly prohibited here. We let movements express themselves in a sensual, slow, curious, surprising way, which no longer corresponds to the codes long dictated by couple relationships or even pornographic clichés.


We communicate our love, kindness and attraction to others through massage. This very particular massage is a prelude where you rediscover your body and that of your partner, the pleasure of the senses, but also and above all, letting go and the total loss of the heavy taboos imposed for a long time! Yes, here, as long as you are consenting, anything goes!

Tantric Gay Massage Paris


Desire, osmosis and sexual fusion

In most cases, the tantric massage takes place in a calm and soothing place far from spas and fitness centers. The goal is that the masseur and the massé are at ease, that they let express without any fear their expectations by the intermediary of the movements. Also, a subdued atmosphere, in a heated room, on a comfortable bed is an excellent basis for practice.


Here, the masseur takes control and massages his partner in a fluid and calm manner. There is no question of being abrupt. Exit therefore some usual massage techniques (tapping, kneading, kneading).

We focus on caresses, the idea is to (re) discover the body of our partner again. The mistake is to rush, you have to let the excitement crescendo.


First: We start at the nape of the neck with touching gestures, we descend gradually to reach the pelvis. At this level, the eroticism gradually increases and we observe carefully the reactions of the massed. He appreciates ? We can then consider focusing on more erogenous areas. Yes, this is indeed an erotic massage, so it is in our interest to touch the sensitive parts: nipples, glans, penis, anus. The masseur will be inventive, that's for sure! During this stage, we do not rush: here listening to the expectations of the masseur is ess-en-cial! The massage must therefore be synchronous with the breathing and gestures of his partner. In theory, this sounds difficult, but in practice, everything will seem more natural to you since you will clearly connect, becoming one!


Second: the most intense part begins: the massaged sexual parts. It is not enough just to touch or manipulate the glorious phallus, but to solicit its different erogenous zones and alternate the ways of playing it. Thus, the famous manual back and forth is quickly replaced by more inventive gestures, a solicitation in a spiral, in duet of hand, or even between the thighs. The challenge here is to stimulate the penis in a constant and non-repetitive way so that it gets the most pleasure from it. And if this pleasure is new, it's even better!


You can also touch the purses and the anus of your partner with sensual or jerky movements. Nothing is prohibited insofar as it pleases his companion.


Then come the powerful but often forgotten erogenous zones in classic sexual life: we will think here in particular of:

  • perineum: this part located between the testicles and the anus is made up of spongy tissue and is connected both to the penis but also affects the prostate when it is stimulated. Going on crescendo pressures will only increase the feeling of escape!

  • the prostate: here the masseur, after having lubricated it, enters his finger into your anal lair until the 2nd phalanx. He bends his finger inward and then exerts a light touch that will gradually turn into more assertive pressure. Here, the prostatic orgasm, if it is triggered in the rules, happens quite quickly!

  • nipples: this area of ​​the body with thin skin has numerous nerve endings. Here you can play between the light touches, the light pinches to more supported but also on the temperature variations: pass an ice cube then follow quickly by a hot breath of the mouth of the masseur and so on will make you rise in excitement almost certainly !

Tantric Gay Massage Paris


Tantric massage offers many advantages: 

Tantric massage is an experience to try, a real adventure!


The principles are relatively simple to understand, but pleasure is not available to everyone, hence the need to use a specialized Tantra masseur. In addition, this technique has many benefits such as:

  • An increase in libido, tantric massage is sensual and erotic. The masseur has total freedom over the body of the massaged. It can therefore awaken desire during the massage and restore vitality to a sexuality lacking vigor!

  • Good communication, this technique helps strengthen bonds in a couple. It helps to rediscover the expectations of your partner.

  • A decrease in fatigue, after the massage, you feel more toned and fresher.

  • A deep relaxation, the movements and the caresses carried out by the masseur contribute to release the tension. We are much calmer and totally in tune with our emotions.


  • A marked improvement in mood, when you are relaxed, you can easily forget about problems and focus on well-being.

Tantric Gay Massage Paris


Pleasure exacerbated by the senses. All the senses !

The course of a session must follow very specific steps. This is essential for the technique to be truly effective. Here is what you have to respect:


Step 1: Creating a pleasant atmosphere

The right time: Before you try the tantric massage, you should first choose the right time. In most cases, a session lasts 1:30 to 2 hours. It is essential that you are not disturbed during this time. So plan this moment of osmosis by not letting any detail escape you (cut the phone, pee and an intimate shower beforehand, prepare candles, towel, lubricant, toy well in advance so as not to cut the session to look for your precious objects of pleasure!)


The right place: After that, you have to prepare the place well. In other words, you can put candles to create an erotic, intimate and well-subdued atmosphere. If possible, also put some Ylang Ylang flowers on the massage table.

You can also choose to set background music. The latter must be in line with the theme. In other words, choose a soft, calm and sensual melody. Don't make the mistake of listening to famous music that could distract you (even worse, sing!)

Tantric massage is practiced completely naked (so take off your ski suit, of course!) Or even better, a little game of striptease type can also be on the agenda!


Step 2: preparing the massage equipment

Tantric massage often takes place on the floor, the tatami or better: a bed with a semi-firm mattress! It is then advisable to use one or more towel for the absorption of possible intimate secretions!

In addition, massage oils should also be carefully chosen. On this point, there are synergies of essential oils (essential oil of Ylang Ylang, essential oil of ginger, essential oil of black pepper, essential oil of clary sage to mix absolutely with a base of vegetable oil type Argan or Macadamia (95% vegetable oil and 5% essential oil) can help. To make your task easier, you can also choose a sweet almond vegetable oil, these oils are to be applied during the preliminary massage on the whole body outside the intimate mucous membranes, otherwise, ouch!


Step 3: the actual massage process

First of all, we apply the massage oil on the body of the person being massaged. This will make the masseur's movements more fluid.

There are no specific rules on how a tantric massage takes place. We let desires and instinct take over. However, you must keep in mind that the massage should not be abrupt, the movements must be deliciously sensual and not brisk. The watchwords are softness and lightness. We can start the massage with a sitting position, we wrap our body together. This will give him a feeling of confidence and well-being. Then, the massage patient lies on his back, his legs slightly apart. This allows the masseur to have an erotic view of the body of his partner. No part will be left behind! So we let the movements dialogue instead of the words. We can thus tickle the erogenous zones like the nipples or even the hollow of the neck ... feeling!


We simply let ourselves be guided by envy as well as voluptuousness. There are also no taboos, because you can touch any part of the body, with your hands or mouth or other parts if you are flexible! The limit is the one you impose.


If this is your first experience, be aware that you can take a few courses or tutorials that you can easily find online.

Tantric Gay Massage Paris


Avoid in these cases :

Avoid in the following cases:

Tantric massage is not dangerous or complicated, it can be performed and performed only on adults and (obviously!) Consenting! However, it should not be attempted if:

  • You have a heart condition, a sudden increase in arousal can change or lead to a cardiac arrhythmia.


  • The woman is more than three months pregnant, unexpected pressure on the fetus during the massage can be risky for the mother and baby.


  • You have a dermatological problem (injury, inflammation, burn) which can be an infection, a recent scar.


  • We have just undergone a surgical intervention, we must wait several months for the wound to resolve before performing any type of massage!

Tantric Gay Massage Paris


Did you know ?

Although tantric massage has a sexual dimension, it is above all a spiritual activity. It also owes its name to the term "tantra" which means "expansion of consciousness". However, he also alludes to the link between two contrary people. As for its principles, they are inscribed in the texts written in Sanskrit, the traditional Hindu and multi-secular Buddhist language.


As for the origin of the practice, it comes directly from India, where it has been practiced for about 5000 years. Nevertheless, it is inspired by two religions. First, she draws these postural techniques from Hinduism in India. As for his meditative practices, it comes from the Buddhist tradition in China.


Tantrism also represents two divine beings: Shiva which designates the masculine principle, the divine dancer and manhood, and Shakti, the goddess who refers to pure energy and femininity. It is precisely the union of the two partners that gives the massage its symbolic and sensual character. It should be noted that this pleasure, nowadays, is fully suitable for gay and lesbian couples! Pleasure for all!


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