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Gay Massage Paris Kobido by Karim


Facial harmony and skin rejuvenation

The world of aesthetics is always looking for success and innovation to bring new touches of perfection to beauty enthusiasts. Among these aesthetic revelations, Japanese facial massage is increasingly appreciated for its natural moisturizing effects. Japanese facial massage is a natural alternative to give your face a new, bright and luminous appearance.

The Japanese facial massage is known under the name Kobido. From his name that we can transcribe for the journey of beauty by ancient techniques, Ancient (Ko), Beauty (Bi) and Journey (Do), we can note that many studies have already been carried out by the ancients. and here are some beneficial results for their appearance. This is a traditional Japanese massage that confirms the beauty and anti-aging secrets of the Japanese. Furthermore, it is a facial massage process that affects the meridians and acupuncture points.

Through this Japanese facial massage, the rebalancing and better distribution of energy will bring about a revival in laughing skin, two signs of aging. In general, Japanese facial massage is in some ways a true natural lifting performed by the hands using various steps and gesture techniques. In fact, it is a typical method originating from Japan that combines at the same time aesthetics, relaxation and well-being. This massage consists of redynamizing the face and the throat. It is also distinguished by its rejuvenating action and its contrast with the effects of advancing age.

The exercise also affects the nervous system, the muscular system, the blood system and the lymphatic system through various and well-studied manual maneuvers. The manual techniques associated with Japanese facial massage incorporate techniques used in shiatsu that favor the acupuncture method on the nerves. This is what makes this massage specific and precise, aiming to regenerate energy circulation on the face, neck and body.

Gay Massage Paris Kobido by Karim


For the most spreadable skin

The Japanese facial massage method is done in a very detailed manner with extreme care. This type of massage requires knowledge and training to master the art of gestures to adopt during the practice of this ancestral Japanese facial massage.


Originating from gentle medicine, Japanese facial massage does not use medicines or chemical molecules that could cause irritation to the muscles and nerves of the face. It is based on ancient Japanese techniques and traditions, which do not use natural products that also reduce the risk of secondary effects. This type of treatment strengthens the immune defenses through natural means and also offers additional prevention against skin and muscle diseases.


The Japanese facial massage allows others to restore the energetic balance of the senses such as sight, smell, sight and to touch stimulating key points that in their rotation send positive signals to the brain. By analyzing these signals, the brain will react favorably by developing neuroprotective and regenerating substances that will act on the humour and improve the appearance of the face. Japanese facial massage is a way to polish the skin's lines that mark old age and the passing years. It can be as suitable for men as it is for women who want to reveal their natural face. Furthermore, this type of massage combines a variety of manual techniques that are fully defined, attentive and performed with finesse. It can go deep into the part of the face to be treated.


Yes, the massage is performed with gentle and gentle manual movements. And the percussion and pressure methods are pleasant, sometimes slow and of a sudden blow. The aim is to act as quickly as possible on the blood flow circulating in the face and throat. However, the effects of cosmetic products and Japanese facial massage, even on identical recipients, are not comparable. Kobido uses techniques that work in depth to stimulate the nervous and muscular systems under the skin.

Gay Massage Paris Kobido by Karim


One technique, many advantages

Suffering from pollution, fatigue and the stress of daily life, the face can darken, shrink and grow, leaving more or less noticeable signs manifesting. To relieve this, Japanese facial massage can help. Furthermore, the benefits after a Japanese facial massage are numerous and surprising. In fact, this Japanese facial massage has many benefits both for well-being and for aesthetics. It should allow:

  • To restore balance to the circulation of energy in the face and throat and throughout the body;

  • To catalyze blood and lymph circulation;

  • To soften the wrinkles on the face to slow down the old age

  •  To remove signs of fatigue such as wrinkles, puffiness under the eyes;

  •  To eliminate stress at the level of the front part of the head;

  •  To produce a sense of relief, relaxation and pleasant humour in the body and mind;  To stimulate the nutritional functions of cells;

  •  To eliminate metabolic waste, dead cells and toxins;

  •  To oxygenate the skin of the face after the evacuation of toxins and congested debris;

  •  To treat any type of skin according to its condition: fat, dry, or tan;

  •  To firm the skin tissue of the neck and face;

  •  To give tone to the face and the chest;


The incredible effects of massage, especially in terms of anti-aging, will increase the addiction of beauty enthusiasts, especially those who opt for nature. The Japanese facial massage allows you to evacuate tension accumulated in the face and reduce muscle fatigue.

The woman gives the skin a certain suppleness that will facilitate its hydration, and favor the transpiration of the face. In addition, Japanese facial massage can be practiced regularly.
It is true that this is a treatment designed to brighten the face and give a feeling of well-being for a long time.

The beneficial effects of this massage on the softness, suppleness and radiance of the skin are visible at the end of a few sessions.

Gay Massage Paris Kobido by Karim


And the body gets relaxed

The Japanese facial massage session is an absolute massage of the face and as such extends to certain upper areas of the body such as the back, shoulders and décolleté. It is performed with a multitude of gestures combining delicacy, caution and gentleness. The session begins with cleansing and hydrating the face and neck before practicing various techniques during the Japanese facial massage.


Thus, a session can combine several manual techniques such as the technique of:

  •  effleurage: which translates as a light and superficial massage on the part to be treated;

  •  of friction: which consists in heating and smoothing the skin of the face and the chest;

  • of pressure: to increase the amount of blood in the capillaries of the parts to soothe and soften the skin;

  • of stone: who sees the deep tissues of the part to mass ;

  • smoothing: to eliminate wrinkles and imperfections which are signs of ageing on the cheeks and face;

  • de pincement : which increases the toning effect;

  • of planning or taping: to stimulate blood circulation;

  • pressure: which provides relaxation and promotes drainage of dandruff;

  • drainage: to evacuate toxins and oxygenate the skin;

  •  lymphatic stimulation: which consists of cleaning and purifying the tissues;

  •  vibration: to have a much greater toning effect;

  • of percussion: which will revive the vitality of the tissues and firm the skin;

  •  of « Tsubo », which allows to rebalance the energy circulation and to favor the sensation of relaxation.


In the creation of the Japanese facial massage, accessories such as a bamboo stick, hot towels, essential oils or special care creams for body and face can be used. This is essential for the massage to be effective and optimal.


Sometimes, the session can vary between seven minutes and fourteen to ten minutes depending on the practitioner. The masses may have a varied and modified frequency of exercise depending on their needs and attention and also in relation to the evolution of skin aging. Because the results expected will not be immediately lost, but some effects. To have complete visibility, you must expect certain changes at the end of two or three sessions for example.

Recovery from Japanese facial massage often begins between the ages of 30 and 40, because it is from those periods when wrinkles appear on the skin, face and neck.

Gay Massage Paris Kobido by Karim


Avoid in these cases :

Japanese facial massage is not recommended for different types of people depending on their body condition such as:

  • Pregnant women, who are overweight;

  •  People suffering from cancer include all types and stages of the disease;

  •  People affected by cardiac problems;

  •  People with scars that have been produced for a short time;

  • People with blemishes, burns, inflammations or redness of the face or throat;

  •  Feverish people with a body temperature above normal;

  •  People have skin problems such as skin rashes, acne and herpes, psoriasis, eczema. Also, it is preferable not to practice Japanese facial massage in case of administration of Botox or any other chemical product in the face.


However, if a person experiencing health problems feels the need to have a Japanese facial massage, it is strongly recommended to seek the advice of a doctor.


It is also recommended to use aesthetic injections for the face and to follow treatment methods using electrolysis since the Japanese facial massage session began.
You want the skin of your face to be very fine and delicate. It cannot support both products and manipulation.

Gay Massage Paris Kobido by Karim


Did you know ?

Around the 15th century, south of Mount Fuji in Japan, the Japanese facial massage or Kodido appeared. The story goes that one time, two of the best masters of the Amma faced each other during a beauty treatment duel. And this attack on "Kyoku-te", which is a sort of facial care method, developed by hand pressure, lasted for several months. This, in order to discover a very exceptional treatment to charm the Empress, a royal figure of the Japanese Empire. But when he reached the goal of emulation, none of the two masters reported the triumph. And out of respect for each other, they were ready to learn and combine their knowledge to create a beauty salon that they call the Maison de Kobido. After this famous creation, they constituted a multitude of ancestral massage techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.


At first, only the Japanese empress, her ladies-in-waiting or the geishas were entitled to Japanese facial massage. Their beauty secrets lie in this facial massage. Then over the years, it has developed an art of beauty to rejuvenate every woman of Japanese origin.


Since 1990, the Japanese master named Shogo Mochizuki is the twenty-sixth generation and heir of the House of Kobido to renew the Kobido brand. He transmits the traditional techniques of Kobido to his beginnings throughout the world through his teachings so that they become authentic practitioners of Japanese facial massage.


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